Happy GG Anniversary : September, 19, 2007 -> December 17, 2012


Sometimes the only thing left to do is wrap your arms around each other one last time and then just… let go.

Gossip Girl - September 19, 2007- December 17, 2012


Gossip Girl 1x01 - September 19, 2007 (7 years ago)

emolgong asked: "HI, I LOVE YOU! 8P"

Love you! <333


I just remembered how I used so many screencaps from this scene to make our pictures back in the day on MySpace, lol xD


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blair waldrof

*joins the trend* insp. by [x] and [x]


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"The Upper East Side was like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray, teenagers acting like adults, adults acting like teenagers, guarding secrets, spreading gossip all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth. And membership into this community was so elite you couldn’t even buy your way in. It was a birthright."


serenas should literally be: is a hoe